Building 75,
Old Lennox House, Lennox Crossing
The ANU, ACTON, ACT, 0200
Office: 02 6125 4113


Age Group: 4 weeks to 2 years

Our nursery caters for 20 children and has two adjoining rooms, Gumnuts (9 children) and Possums (11 children). The playrooms are large and airy with direct access to an outdoor play area shared with the toddlers. In addition, we have several small monitored sleep rooms (1-2 children per room).

The emotional, physical and social needs of small children are met tenderly in our nursery. This section is managed by long-standing members of staff with wide experience in child-rearing practices for this age group. Children of this age are starting to learn about themselves the world around them. They learn through their senses and spend much of the day exploring – feeling different textures, hearing sounds, seeing things, smelling and tasting new things for the very first time. Our Nursery Educators tailor learning programs to meet the individual needs of the children based on their interests and developmental level. They provide a wide range of resources and equipment to encourage the children to explore their environment and expand their knowledge.

Our Nursery also welcomes and supports breastfeeding mothers by providing comfortable chairs for feeding and if necessary the privacy of a small room. We have the facilities and knowledge to enable storing, handling and feeding expressed milk and our Educators liaise with mothers to tailor individual breastfeeding times for their baby.

Regardless of whether parents are breastfeeding or not they are welcome to visit, play or feed their baby at any time during the day.
Children move from the Nursery to the Toddlers section of the Centre.