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Communicating and Sharing our Program with Parents

Communicating and sharing the children’s learning with their parents is something that we value.  We do this in the following ways:

Our Educational Intent –. Each room displays their educational intentions and outcomes, and the strategies to meet those intentions in the entrance of their learning space for all to see. This is a working document which forms the basis for future teaching, learning and reflection across the Centre. The Educational Program provides a framework to expand on early education concepts such as resilience, scientific principles, the arts, literacy and mathematical perceptions through the setting of clear intentions. These intentions vary from room to room and reflect each educator’s pedagogical perspective and form the foundation of our educational program.

Our Learning Journeys – We use learning journeys to document the learning that takes place in our educational settings. Alongside our educational program, we display and evaluate these journeys as an ongoing means of programming and learning about each child’s needs and understandings. Learning journeys focus on a varied range of subjects and relevance, and they can be completed as often as relevant. For example, one learning journey could last three months, and another one could last a week. Learning journeys can be based on projects such as dinosaurs or the solar system, or on specific age appropriate concepts such as developing relationships and building confidence. Learning journeys are designed to acknowledge the learning community in a holistic nature and ensure that our educational program is relevant, stimulating and constructive.

Children’s Intentions and summaries – At the beginning of each year Educators and parents work together to develop age appropriate and meaningful intentions for each child. Strategies are developed to support each child in meeting these intentions and their progress is regularly assessed, summarised and then documented in their learning journals throughout the year. Intentions are designed to help all children reach their full potential.

Learning Journals – At the beginning of each year the children are assigned a personal Learning Journal which is then gifted to them at the end of the year. These Journals aim to document each child’s unique learning experience and provide parents with a deeper insight into their encountered learning. These Journals share photos, artworks, meaning making, meaningful observations, individual educational summaries and shared learning journeys.

At UPCCC children have a collaborative say in their educational experience. Children are encouraged to participate, reflect and contribute to their personal Journals and learning stories, enhancing the content of the program and future planning and learning.

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