Building 75,
Old Lennox House, Lennox Crossing
The ANU, ACTON, ACT, 0200
Office: 02 6125 4113


The Centre maintains an enrolment waiting list for children. Applications can be made by contacting the Director or by completing the online application form.

Students and staff attending The Australian National University, and a proportion of the wider community, are invited to enrol children from 4 weeks to school age.

UPCCC operates from Heritage listed buildings located on the ANU campus.  The ANU allows us to use these buildings under special conditions that set out procedures we need to follow when offering enrolments to children.  These conditions state that we must give priority to children of staff and students of the ANU with first priority being to ANU Staff, then Students. Offers to children whose parents are not ANU Staff or Students can only be made if the vacancy being offered does not meet the requirements of the ANU children or if there are no ANU children on the waiting list.  Where a place is offered to a child whose parents are not Staff or Students of the ANU or whose parents during the period of their enrolment with us, cease to be Staff or Students of the ANU, will be subject to Provisional Enrolment Conditions that restrict the length of time they can be offered a place to 12 months, with subsequent offers being limited to 6 months.

To verify ANU priority Parents are requested to provide UPCCC with a current ANU id number (uID) when applying to the waiting list and when enrolling their child. Please note that in providing your uID number you are giving consent for UPCCC to disclose your uID to the University for the purposes of verifying your current status as an Employee or Student, and for auditing by The ANU of the allocation of child care places by UPCCC

An application for enrolment is an application for the waiting list only. The Centre cannot guarantee a place upon application. Students and staff of the ANU moving from overseas should be aware that a place may not be available at the Centre by the time they arrive and alternative arrangements may have to be made.