Building 75,
Old Lennox House, Lennox Crossing
The ANU, ACTON, ACT, 0200
Office: 02 6125 4113


Age Group: 3 years to school age

We have two Preschool rooms the Echidnas ( 20 children, 3 – 4 yrs) and Geckos (22 children, 4 – 5 yrs). The rooms are large, with separate sleep areas and a large outdoor play area with magnificent views of Lake Burley Griffin.

Children of this age continue to develop their independence and by this age have acquired a wide range of skills. They are starting to use reasoning and problem solving skills, planning what they want to do, what they will need and where to start. They are becoming able to care for their own belongings, toilet mostly independently and are able to vocalise their needs and wants. Friendships become very important at this age and the children continue to build on the skills required to negotiate, share and turn-take.

The Echidna Room continues to provide this age group with a supportive and nurturing environment. the staff observe the children closely as individuals and as a group. They provide a range of play-based activities based on their interests that will foster and challenge their abilities. The children are free to choose from the activities provided what they want to do. There are opportunities for the children to be involved in one on one interactions with their peers and teachers, small group and large group activities.

The Echidna and Gecko groups work closely together and there are lots of opportunities for the children in the Echidnas to become familiar with the Gecko teachers and children before moving up.

In the Geckos Room the children are introduced to a range of play experiences to build on their skills in readiness for school. The children are involved in activities that will develop their literacy and mathematical skills. They are encouraged to explore, question and experiment with the resources provided to expand their understandings of their world and environment. Familiar activities are continued, such as construction, manipulation of materials, puzzles, art and craft and music. There are also a number of planned excursions and special visitors throughout the year.