Building 75,
Old Lennox House, Lennox Crossing
The ANU, ACTON, ACT, 0200
Office: 02 6125 4113

University Preschool & Child Care Centre Policies

Administration Policies

Confidentiality Policy-7-05-18

Consumer Complaints Policy

Family Involvement & Communication Policy

Part-Time Placement Policy-9-09-16

Access to & Release of Children-23-06-16

Waitinglist & Enrolment Policy-7-05-18

Late Collection Policy-23-06-16

Finance Policy-7-11-17

Fees Policy-6-11-15

Determining Responsible Person Policy 7-11-17

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy 7-11-2017

Health and Safety Policies

Immunisation Policy -18-02-15

Nutrition Policy-12-05-17

Food Safety Policy-23-06-16

Hygiene Policy 18-02-15

Medication Policy-12-05-17

Management of Illness Policy-26-07-17

Accident Prevention Policy -7-11-17

First Aid Policy -7-11-17

Infectious Diseases, Outbreaks & Exclusion Policy-26-07-17

Child protection Policy-9-09-16

Dental Hygiene Policy-18-02-15

Sun Protection Policy-12-05-17

Clothing & Comfort Policy-17-02-15

Medical Conditions Policy 7-11-17

Peanut & Tree Nut Policy-9-09-16

Tobacco Drug & Alcohol Free Environment Policy 7-11-17

Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Planning & Review Policy-6-11-15

policy anti bias-14-02-14

Cultural Diversity Policy-20-02-15

Behaviour Guidance Policy-12-05-17

Orientation & Transition Policy-9-09-16

Inclusion of Children with Special Needs Policy-14-02-14

Excursion & Incursion Policy-3-08-17

Digital Technology Policy-6-11-15

Rest Policy-13-10-16

Supervision of Children Policy-3/07/2017