Building 75,
Old Lennox House, Lennox Crossing
The ANU, ACTON, ACT, 0200
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Our Staff are the heart of our Centre. They  are a special group of professionals, dedicated to providing each child with the individual care and education they need to develop to their full potential.  They are also committed to supporting families to provide their children with the best start in life.

All staff at University Preschool and Child Care Centre hold relevant qualifications and have extensive experience working with children.

Our Management Committee recognises the importance of ongoing professional development to ensuring that our staff are knowledgeable about current thinking and best practice in early childhood care and education.

Throughout the year Staff regularly attend professional development activities and the Centre closes for one day a year so that all staff can participate in a day of professional development tailored to the needs of the staff and centre.

During the hours of operation, the Centre maintains staff/child ratios of at least:

All permanent staff hold current first aid certificates

The Centre Currently Employs:

In our Administration Area

Our Director, Lynley  and our Assistant Director / Educational Leader Eileen both work full time. Lynley holds a Degree in Early Childhood Education and Eileen holds an Advance Diploma in Children’s Services; Mel (currently on Maternity Leave) our Outdoor Educational Leader works Monday – Wednesday and has a Bachelor of Education Early Childhood; and, Our Admin Assistant Jo-Ann who keeps our accounts on track and works part time, 9 – 3 Monday – Friday.

In the Preschool Section

The Preschool Section is led by Simone who is currently studying for her Bachelor of Education. Simone is also the group leader for our Geckos (4 – 5 year olds). Simone is assisted in the Geckos by Norma – (Monday to Wednesday), who has a Certificate 3 and has worked with UPCCC for over 20 years; and, Helen – (Afternoons Monday & Tuesday and all day Thursday & Friday), who has started her studies towards a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood.

In our Echidnas (3 – 4 year olds) the Group Leader is Jessie who has a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. Jessie is supported by Tongbo who holds a Diploma.

The Preschool Section is also supported by Kira (full Time) and Lisa (Part time, Wednesday – Friday) who both hold a Diploma, and Paula (full-time) who holds a Certificate 3

In the Toddlers Section

We have Jessie Z who leads our Kookaburras (2 – 3 year olds).  Jessie holds a Diploma and is assisted in the Kookaburras by Julie who has her Diploma.

Our Bilbies (18 months to 2+ years) is led by Jess R who has a Diploma and is assisted by Jess H who holds a Certificate 3.

Our Toddler Section is also supported by May  & Colleen (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) who both have a Certificate 3, Cass (Monday and Tuesday Mornings) who has a Diploma and Katie (Wednesday – Friday Mornings) who has a Bachelor of Teaching.

In our Nursery Section

Tanya who holds a Bachelor of Education leads the Nursery & Toddler Sections and is also our Gumnuts (0 – 1 year olds) leader. She is assisted in the Gumnuts by Ingrid, (Monday & Tuesday) who has a Certificate 3 and Mirja (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) who also has a Certificate 3 and who has worked with UPCCC for more than 20 years.

The Possums (1 – 2 year olds) is led by Hang (Lisa) who has her Diploma. Lisa is assisted by Zarha who has a Certificate 3.

The Nursery Section is also supported by Lathika who has her Certificate 3; Home (part time, afternoons) also Certificate 3; and, Arathi (part time, Mornings) who is studying for her Diploma.

Centre Support

Lindsay (full time) and Taite (part time – Thursday & Friday) who both have a Diploma  offer support and replace staff on leave; and, our Handyman Eddie and Cleaner, Brad ensure the Centre always looks its best.

The following staff are currently on Maternity Leave: Michelle and Camilla.