Building 75,
Old Lennox House, Lennox Crossing
The ANU, ACTON, ACT, 0200
Office: 02 6125 4113


Age Group: 18 months to 3 years

We have two Toddler groups, the Kangaroos and the Kookaburras. Both rooms have 11 children. The playrooms are large and airy, with a separate sleep/rest area and have direct access to an outdoor play area.

Toddlers need support and guidance while developing their independence. They are curious, busy little people who learn through experiencing and experimenting. Their language skills are rapidly developing and social learning is becoming very important for children in this age group. Toddlers are developing the skills needed to become ‘good friends’ – including learning to negotiate, share and take turns. They are also learning important self-help skills such as independent toileting and eating.

The staff in this section provide a range of play-based indoor and outdoor activities to challenge and extend the developmental skills of the children whilst maintaining a nurturing environment. Children are encouraged to participate in a range of play experiences. They are involved in messy play activities, art and craft activities and have access to a range of manipulative equipment. The outdoor play equipment includes small climbing equipment, sandpit, bikes and a variety of other resources. Regular visits to the preschool section are planned to help the children prepare for the next stage in their development.

At around 3 years of age the children move from Toddlers to the Preschool.