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Our educational program

We take pride in the progressive nature of our Centre and our dedication to developing educational, authentic and open-ended programs whilst maintaining a welcoming and nurturing environment.

Informed by our curriculum, our educational program provides a framework to expand on early education concepts such as resilience, scientific principles, the arts, literacy and mathematical perceptions through the setting of clear intentions.


These intentions vary from room to room and reflect each educator’s pedagogical perspective and form the foundation of our educational program. Each of our rooms displays their educational intentions and outcomes, and the strategies to meet those intentions in the entrance of their learning space for all to see.

Learning journeys

We use learning journeys to document the learning that takes place in our educational settings. Alongside our educational program, we display and evaluate these journeys as an ongoing means of programming and learning about each child’s needs and understandings.


Learning journeys focus on a varied range of subjects and relevance, and they can be completed as often as relevant. For example, one learning journey could last months, and another one could last a week. Learning journeys can be based on projects such as dinosaurs or the solar system, or on specific age appropriate concepts such as developing relationships and building confidence.


Learning journeys are designed to ensure that our educational program is relevant, stimulating and constructive.

Young children playing with dinosaur toys
Young girl playing on equipment

Tailored learning

At the beginning of each year, our educators and parents work together to develop age-appropriate and meaningful intentions for each child.


Strategies are developed to support each child in meeting these intentions and their progress is regularly assessed, summarised and documented in their learning journals throughout the year.

These journals aim to document each child’s unique learning experience and provide parents with a deeper insight into their encountered learning.

Innovative programs

We are continuously developing innovative programs that bring authentic and open-ended learning activities to our children. Some of our current programs include our:

Wiradjuri Echoes: Duncan and Jakida bring Aboriginal stories, song, dance and knowledge to our young learners.


Music program: Fortnightly music sessions with Zen music.

Inter-generational program: Visits from residents of Goodwin Age Care Ainslie that enhance our children's social and personal development and sense of community.

DanceKids program: Children explore scientific concepts, the natural world and cultural values through dance, music and drama. Studies show a direct link between physical activity and cognitive (brain) development and enhanced learning. 

Gymnastics program: Aimed at developing our preschool children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically in a safe, structured, multi-sensory environment at the Canberra City Gymnastic Club in Belconnen.

Young children playing with shadow puppets
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